Quebecor supports BU Singers

Bishop’s University is pleased to announce that Québecor has made a $100,000 donation to support the Bishop’s University Singers Choir.

Spread over three years, this gift will help fund the choir and provide financial support to its musicians. Some of the money will be directed to marketing and promotion of the choir.


Press Release


Quebecor has always cultivated close ties to the community. As an engaged corporate citizen, we are committed to building lasting, enriching relationships.

The Bishop’s University Singers Choir represent the very best of the civic spirit we hold dear. The choir includes 100 singers ranging in age from 15 to 80, English and French, from every walk of life, bringing the Eastern Townships community together in a common pursuit and a shared passion for music.

As an Eastern Townships native myself, I take a special interest in supporting the University Singers. On behalf of Quebecor, I wish you all an enchanting musical experience and a magical holiday season!


Pierre Dion
President and CEO